Meet Jill

Jill Peters

Jill Peters

Registered dental professional with over 25 years experience.

Best start by introducing myself and explaining why I feel itʼs important for me to add blogs to my website.

Iʼm Jill, Iʼm 44 years old and am a dental hygienist. Although I loved my 25 year career as a hygienist I now concentrate on aesthetics only… well that and my three young children!

I started my aesthetics journey in January 2018 and my skills and knowledge are growing all the time.

In life I believe if you truly want to achieve something, you have to really connect with why youʼre doing it and what drives you.

For me, I have a passion to build peopleʼs self confidence and subtle, balanced enhancements can do this. I see people leave my clinic feeling better than when they came in. This is hopefully down to a positive experience in clinic and also they feel the benefit of the treatment theyʼve had done.

I plan to cover in future blogs information on different treatments I provide and the benefits as well as when theyʼre maybe not indicated.

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